Super Hair Removal

Super Hair Removal (SHR) Promotion

Promotional Offer

Only S$136.96 (GST Included) for 6 sessions of Super Hair Removal for Small or Large Areas (U.P. $1728)
Only S$179.76 (GST Included) for 6 sessions of Super Hair Removal for Brazilian (U.P. $2328)

Super Hair Removal is the Latest Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal Technology
Select from Small Areas: Underarms (Both), Upper Lip, Lower Chin, Fingers, Toes
Select from Large Areas: Lower Legs (Both), Thighs (Both), Tummy, Half Back, Chest, Stomach, Half Arms (Both), Facial Hair
** Brazilian is not classified under small or large parts
The only clinically proven pain-free laser permanent hair removal treatment
More EFFECTIVE and removes hair FASTER than IPL
Absolutely PAINLESS and Fuss-Free (No gels and creams needed)
Pain-Free SHR is a Permanent Hair Removal Treatment
Lightning Speed Treatments
Suitable for Dark Skin Tones
No Hidden Costs
Spend less than 10 minutes of your time every month for permanent hair removal

Terms and Conditions

Valid Only For First Time Customers Age 21 and Above
Not valid with other promotions/discounts/redemptions for first time customers
Valid For Everyone Except Tourists
Brazilian option is available for females only
Redeem only 1 of the 2 options Per Person
6 sessions to be completed within 3 months from first visit
Multiple purchases can be bought as gifts for family/friends

How to Buy?

Simply complete the registration form below with your choice of purchase (Small Part, Large Part, OR BOTH).
One of our staff will give you a call or email to confirm your appointment within 2 working days.

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